Mark DeJohn

DeJohn Photography | Mark DeJohn's PhotoWhen I was eight, while exploring through some boxes in my Grandparents garage, I came across a 136 camera. I took to the camera immediately. I would run around taking pictures of everything and anything, without film in the camera. My Grandma began buying film for me and that set me off on this wonderful adventure. I would look at the prints she had developed for me and found myself frustrated that the images weren’t coming out like I initially saw them. My Grandma continued to encourage me and told me to keep at, and I did. Through the years, my “hobby” eventually became my passion. I find myself honored when I receive a call and someone books me for pictures, whether it’s a Maternity Shoot, Family Portrait, Wedding, or any other special event. I find myself blessed when they call back numerous times for additional shoots. Most of my clients have become my friends and all because of a camera! I truly love my job.

Andrea DeJohn

DeJohn Photography | Andrea DeJohn's PhotoI took up Photography after meeting my husband, Mark. I initially assisted him during Weddings and found myself truly enjoying the medium. Very soon though we received a call from a potential client asking if we offer Boudoir Shoots, and that’s how I was introduced to my specialty. I thoroughly enjoy creating sexy, exotic and beautiful images of women which in turn helps them see themselves in a completely new light. Whether it’s for a Birthday gift, Valentines Day gift, Anniversary, Wedding Day gift or simply for yourself, give me call or drop me an email and let’s discuss what you’re looking for.


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